In 2010 Aldinet begins the distribution of cord-less branded Siemens Gigaset.

Is due to Siemens the production of the first models of phones distributed in Italy and around the world since the middle of last century.
In 1993 Siemens launches phones with DECT technology, a new safe and reliable technology that allows the affirmation of cordless phones: Siemens Gigaset was the name chosen for the range cordless DECT.
Today GIGASET, spin-off from Siemens, is the only company in the industry that can boast the prestigious certificate of quality made in Germany, the German plant of Bocholt produces the full range. Bocholt is an innovative and modern factory which produced more than 100 million phones: only in Italy were sold 10 million pieces.
The Gigaset cordless phones are the undisputed market leader in Europe and in Italy thanks to the high quality of construction that ensures long life and a great pleasure for use in accordance with the highest standards of environmental protection and energy conservation.


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