The beginning

The company was born, under the name Alpine Distribution Network SpA, in late 2002 as a spin-off of Alpine Italy SpA, leader in Mobile Phone Business since the early '90s; so our Company was immediately able to operate in the distribution of consumer electronic with the great experience built in Alpine.

Our History

Alpine Distribution Network S.p.A. distributes the brands Alcatel, LG and Sony Ericsson

Our Company becomes the official and exclusive distributor of terminals and accessories Nokia for the Nielsen 1 Area, it also becomes international distributor for Macrom, historical brand of Car Audio and Car Entertainment

With the new name of Aldinet SpA - changed in April 2006 - has signed an agreement with Transcend, leader in flash cards production

Aldinet focuses on mobile navigation with the German brand Navigon

Aldinet chooses Best Buy as a new partner in the growing digital decoder DVB-T market and distributes cordless and home phones branded Siemens Gigaset

Aldinet becomes the distributor for the brand NGM, the market leader in mobile phones Dual Sim.

Aldinet starts the distribution of ARCHOS tablet and launches the brand TCL in the Italian market of TV with LCD panels

Aldinet signs an agreement for the distribution of smartphones, tablet and accessories branded HUAWEI. In the same year MACROM launches the new line of Bluetooth products studied for listening the music in mobility

The mobile division of Nokia has been acquired by Microsoft and Aldinet, due to the excellent performances achieved and its competence, continues its partnership under the new management of Microsoft Mobile Italy

Aldinet introduces Nordmende in the mobile industry. Nordmende mobile phones are technologically updated and well targeted to specific customer segments. In May 2016 Aldinet and ZTE sign a distribution agreement to develop the Italian open market channel and also the brand awareness of ZTE.

In January 2017 begins the distribution of smartphones Neffos by TP-Link. In September 2017 begins the distribution of flash drives and memory cards branded Emtec.

Aldinet expands its product range with small Nordmende brand appliances and begins the distribution of Blackberry smartphones.

What we do

Aldinet is a specialist in consumer electronic distribution. Aldinet provides a modern and complete distribution service which combine the commercial and logistic functions with an efficient marketing support capable of organising and managing promotional activities and advertising campaigns. Thanks to its skills and its reliability on the market, Aldinet has been chosen as partner by the leading brands placing itself on the market with a large and growing share in the consumer electronic market and a select range of innovative products.

Sales Force

With his professional sales network of about 50 reps and Sales Account, covers the whole national territory, reaching more than two thousand customers and three thousand shops in the main distribution channels:

  • Consumer Electronic Specialist
  • Mass Merchandiser
  • Telecom carrier / Telecom Specialist
  • e-tailer
  • Car audio specialist
  • Car manufacturer

In 2014 Aldinet Spa complies with the Code Italian Payments Officers, therefore, has been authorized to use its brand.
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